Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Podcast Over, Medical Test Scheduled

After 8 regularly produced episodes that took many hours to prepare, the purchase of a microphone, a microphone stand and a splatter guard, the podcast is not collecting any listeners or sponsors. I had hoped for at least some regular listeners by now.

I guess this means I am meant write instead of podcast. That is confusing, though, because if I am meant to write, then why is my right hand not getting any better? I can barely use it! Unfortunately, the "pain management" doctor I saw last Thursday who originally thought I have carpal tunnel syndrome changed his mind when he saw the results of the EMG he just took.

Because of the conflicting test results (the original, "manual" test in the doctor's office that indicated carpal tunnel and the EMG which did not), we are not scheduling surgery. Instead, we have scheduled an "injection" on the 30th for diagnostic purposes. If that works to relieve this discomfort and restore some function to my hand, we will know that we are at least fumbling around in the correct area.

Oh, how nice it would be to get rid of this constant tingling and use my fingers again! Please pray with me that we find the solution so that I can return to writing. Podcasting is clearly not for me.

*** UPDATE ***
The injection was interesting because the needle actually kinda hurt going into my carpal tunnel. In fact, I jumped when it was inserted, which is uncommon for me. I also felt the fluid being injected, also a new experience. It made my hand feel "puffy" and sore for several days, even more difficult to use and the tingling did not go away at all. I am calling the test a *FAIL*.

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