Monday, March 21, 2016

7 pounds

One thing that invariably happens while vacationing is unwanted weight gain. Being sedentary instead of exercise, dining out instead of in, casually munching calorie laden morsels with friends (and more often than usual) all contribute to the inevitable.

Having been traveling for almost a full month, I was pretty sure I had gained weight and my pictures agree. (I think most of it while I was chomping on yummy Tex-Mex in Texas!) Not wanting the new additions to my waistline to stay, I determined while I was still on the road that I would measure the damage as soon as I got home and then begin dieting right away.

However, remember, my parents were at my house when I got home. So the diet had to wait until they left.

I will have
you know that I am very proud of myself for successfully refusing every morsel of food that my mother tried to leave in my fridge with me... Okay, almost every morsel. I did let her leave a jar of spaghetti sauce (in the freezer) and a few pieces of fresh fruit. But, honestly, that is about as well as I could do.

Day 1 after I returned home my parents were there, but I still weighed myself first thing in the morning. (That is my personally designated weigh-in time. By keeping the time of my weigh-ins consistent, I can get a more accurate measurement of my progress.) The damage was surprisingly not bad: 7 pounds.

That's not so bad. I can easily lose 7 pounds, I thought as I remembered that my personal prodigal once told me the first 10 pounds I lost would all be "water weight." (Note: I am now convinced he was wrong and that he was trying to belittle my then accomplishment of having lost 10 pounds... I really do need to have an avatar drawn for him.) I waited to begin losing until the morning after my parents left for their home. The I woke up and went to the grocery for all new food.

Plan 1: I was not going to officially diet. I was going to change my lifestyle, which would cause me to lose weight and benefit my health. I was determined. I was going to become a rawist. (Yay!) It was a great idea. No cooked food would ever again pass between my lips, meaning my system would clean itself out and in just a short time I would begin feeling amazing. After I bought a few morning groceries to get me through the first few days, I went online and found a couple of rawist vegetarian websites to help with recipes. I even went to Amazon and bought a paperback book of rawist recipes. I was ready to go!

How many days of food did I say I bought? Three? Yep. That is about how long my lifestyle change lasted. Talk about hard! No cooked food means no meat, no bread, no potatoes, no rice... and lots (I mean lots) of time spent in the kitchen preparing meals. The following week, I was sitting in my favorite lunch spot again, happily munching on a cheeseburger and french fries.

to be continued...

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