Monday, April 4, 2016

A New Addiction

I think I am addicted to cream cheese. Is that possible? Whenever I start eating it, I cannot stop until either I am gorged or it is finished. That is the sign of an addict. Right?

Before I took my Christmas vacation, I bought two bricks of cream cheese (they were on sale) and put them in the door of my fridge. So they were sitting there unopened when I got back home. Not a problem. As long as I don't open the cream cheese, I am fine. But, like an unconfessed addict, I made the mistake of thinking I could keep my addiction under control if I made just one brick of cream cheese dip. Cream cheese, after all, is grain-free. It fits into my diet plan... sort of.

Big mistake. I now have NO cream cheese in the door of my fridge. There is not one tablespoon of cream cheese in my fridge anywhere. It has all made its way to my hips and belly. What's worse is that
I don't remember making the first brick of cream cheese into dip or even eating it. I know I must have. But it disappeared so quickly that I don't remember it going. I do remember what happened to the second brick, though. I melted the 8 oz. brick of cream cheese together with 1/2 cup of sour cream and 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar cheese. Then I tasted it. There was something missing so I tried to figure it out on my own.

Artichokes, I think, I decided. But I was not sure. So I called my mom for confirmation of my hypothesis. (I need confirmation! How else will I know if I am right?) We proceeded to get into a big discussion about what might and might not taste good in my dip's combination of flavors (She is such a codependent enabler!) and, at one point, she said, "Oooh... You know what might be good is spinach with the artichokes."

Okay, Mom. Really? Everybody does spinach-artichoke dip and spinach was the first thing I thought
about. I did not mention it because it was vetoed. Why was it vetoed? Well, the reason was how I phrased my response. This was an amiable conversation, after all.

"You know, I thought about spinach. I think baby spinach would taste really good but I was reading, not too long ago, and I learned that spinach you buy at the store has so many pesticides in it from when it was being grown that it is physically impossible to wash them off your food. So I don't want to use spinach."

Before I tell you her answer, which is pretty much the end of this post because it just does not make sense, I have to say that my mother is a very intelligent woman. In addition to holding a Masters degree that took her five years of full-time study to complete because of the prerequisites she needed to fulfill, her bachelor's degree is in microbiology. When it comes to pesticides being absorbed into the leaves of commercially grown plants, she should get it.

I think she really does get it. I just think her brain was not fully engaged for some reason. She replied, "Well, I was not talking about baby spinach like you would get in the produce section. I was talking about frozen spinach."

See what I mean? Either brain not fully engaged or brain too focused on trying to solve a problem. If I can't wash the pesticides off of young, whole, fresh spinach leaves, how am I going to wash them off of older, chopped, frozen spinach leaves??

My artichoke dip tasted just fine without any other additions. (Hypothesis proven.) However, eating it created a new problem for me. I think I have developed an addiction to artichoke hearts. Once I taste their flavor, I cannot stop eating until they are all gone.

Does anybody have a good, low-cal recipe for artichoke dip? I bought another can of them but I want to keep my calorie intake low.

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