Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Chair

I have been looking for a job. The other day, I went out to apply for one that was listed in our State employment network's database and, while I was out, went to apply for a cashiering position at our local home improvement store. As it turns out, I got there at just the perfect time because the hiring manager was there and did an on-the-spot interview with me. (!)

When I got home, I was overflowing with excitement. This job would be such a God-send if I got it and would enable me to buy my daughter's flight for her semester study-abroad. I entered my house and walked directly into the living room to bubble at her about my unexpected interview.

There she sat on my sofa, still in her pajamas and under a blanket, typing away on her computer. (She says she is trying to develop a video game.) I came in and sat in my favorite chair, words cascading out of my mouth to relay my excitement and share my stories.

"Uh huh," she said, not looking up.

Then, "Mm hmm." Fingers typing, she still did not look at me. Her responses were very unsatisfying.

"I'm going to call my mother," I decided aloud. I got out of my chair and proceeded toward my office to get the phone. I did not make it. No, I took one step into my straight-shot dining room/kitchen (on the way to the office) and stopped cold.

"Why is there a chair in the middle of my kitchen?" I asked. It was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, underneath the ceiling light, and a fly swatter was on the countertop beside it.

"Oh! I have a job for you," called my almost 19 year-old. "Come back here."

I returned to the living room to inquire, "What?" I was thinking that maybe the light needed to be changed or maybe she needed help catching a fly or something.

"Well, I was cleaning out the fridge while you were gone and I found a few things that I wanted to ask you about."

"Okay... " I answered, "But why is there a chair in the middle of my kitchen?"

"Oh, I put that there so you would ask about it and then I would remember to tell you."

"Tell me what?"

"About the fridge. I figured you could sit on the chair while we went through things."

Sigh. Kids.

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